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Dreams of Dragons


Dreams of Dragons

Sorry, not all dragons depicted in this gallery are Pernese dragons. Actually, only a few of them are (we have to follow copyright rules). The real Pernese dragons are, of course, those made by the cunning artificer, Bernard Pearson. So if you want to see - and buy! - legal Pernese dragons: go to Bernard Pearson's Dreams of Dragons, a place where the skill of the Sculptor and Artist pays homage to the writings of Anne McCaffrey!

As far as Pernese dragons go they have available Ramoth's Hatching and Ramoth's Flight
Not enough money to buy? The site is worth a visit anyway!

Ramoth's Hatching

Ramoth's Flight

The renderings of these statuettes by Dreams of Dragons are based on the Dragonriders of Pern® novels.
Dragonriders of Pern® is a registered trademark of Anne McCaffrey under license by and used with permission of ZyntroPics, Inc.
© 2000 Dreams of Dragons Ltd. in association with ZyntroPics, Inc.
Ramoth's Hatching
Ramoth's Flight
Dreams of Dragons has more! They also have a sculpture  of Ruatha Hold and recently announced a statuette of Menolly which is now available. Go check it out!


My Dragon Art Collection


Here's a picture of a little dragon tie clip I picked up in the German city of Königswinter, situated on the Rhine.
Königswinter is a special place for dragon lovers because there you will find the Drachenfels (Dragonrock) with the ruins of an old castle on top. I recommend a visit!

Dragon tie clip with little Conroth


wpe10.jpg (9862 bytes)

pragueth2.jpg (10705 bytes)

You may have noticed the dragon that features on the opening page of this site. He's called Pragueth because I bought him in Prague (Czech Republic). The little statue is about 10 centimeters (4 inches) high and made of beautiful, shiny pewter.

Pragueth in full glory


This charming little green gal is Labarbareth, named in honor of a fellow Pern fan, François Labarbarie also known as Meus, from France, who maintains a wonderful website dedicated to the cover art of Anne McCaffrey's books (go visit his site).
Labarbareth is really a French dragon! I bought this flaming enthusiast in the the city of Sedan while visiting the famous Le Château Fort there (does that name ring a bell?). I might as well tell you that this largest castle in Europe does indeed have many similarities with a Pernese Hold. It's one of the few castles I visited with no trees in site (which helps thinking of it in a Pernese way). When you thought Fort Hold is big, wait until you walked all of the 35.000 square meters of this castle!  

Labarbareth, the French dragon in my collection


kermith1.jpg (8280 bytes)

kermith4.jpg (7958 bytes)

This funny little blue dragon was one of the first of my collection and I called him Kermith (yes, I am a Muppet fan too). He looked so entreatingly at me from a shop window in my hometown that I felt I couldn't go home without him. He's been looking at me from a little shelf above my desk ever since and no matter how angry I sometimes am (usually at the computer or some program) he always keeps smiling and I love him for it! And before you ask... yes, I know Kermit is green and Kermith is blue... but I am a little color blind.
Kermith, the funny dragon, almost out of his egg Always smiling Kermith close up

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