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To the Pern Museum The Pern Museum The Pern Museum is worthwhile to explore. Many different exhibitions have been set up covering many Pernese subjects. From there you can also visit the Art Gallery.

To the Library

The PMA Library An independent part of the Pern Archives actually, but a separate section with its own introduction page and further links. 


To the dept. of sayings, maledicta, oaths and proverbs Sayings, Maledicta etc. In this section of the archives you will find lists, not only of Pernese sayings (and slang) and maledicta but also of Pernese oaths and proverbs. These items are not simply listed, whenever possible explanations and examples of their use are given, often including a pointer to one of the Pern books.
To the dept. of Other Pern Resources Other Pern Resources This section holds all miscellaneous things that won't fit in the other sections. It is certainly worth visiting though! 


Tot the dept. with interviews with Anne McCaffrey Interviews with Anne The title of this section speaks for itself. Depending on copyright this section holds interviews or links to interviews with Anne McCaffrey.


To the links dept. Links The old Elrhan's Pern Site's links page, with the rating provided by Elrhan. Still not finished and probably perpetually under construction since Pern fans are so active on the web that Elrhan can't hope to cope.


Tot the Pern Encyclopedia Pern Encyclopedia The Pern Encyclopedia, one of the main features of the Pern Museum & Archives has its own introduction. This link points to that introduction page.


To the Pern Bloodlines Pern Bloodlines The Pern Bloodlines section, also one of the main and unique features of the Pern Museum and Archives. This section has its own introduction page, too. The link brings you to that introduction page from where you can further explore the many Bloodlines, pedigree charts and other genealogical data.
To the dept. of Pern Poetry Pern Poetry The Pern Poetry section is not a collection of the poems found in the Pern Books. It does provide background information on both McCaffrey poems and Pernese ballads and saga's whenever possible and gives the text when legally permissible.
"To the dept. of Pern Quotes" Pern Quotes The Pern Quotes section is divided into subsections with quotes about Dragon and Threadfighting, Weyr Life and Hold Life. In addition you will find a section on General Quotes from the Pern books.
To Sariel's Guide of Pern Sariel's Guide to Pern Certainly not a part of The Pern Museum and Archives but since this is the only other site by a Master Archivist (and a darn good one - both site and Master Archivist) it definitely deserves a separate link on the introduction page of the Pern Archives.