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Dear viewer, please be advised and aware that all art, shown on this page and on the other pages, only represent how Elrhan, the curator of the Pern Museum & Archives, perceives that Pern, its inhabitants and products etc. could look like. He certainly does not want to violate any copyright and if he has done so, he has done so unwittingly. If you think there are valid objections against the publication of any of the included pictures, please email Elrhan. A word of thanks to those who sent me suggestions for additions to this part of the Pern Museum, be assured that they are appreciated very much! 

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Craft related art


Craft related art can be anything from a vase or special bottle to an intricately worked knife with a jeweled handle... It just has to appeal to me and have some sort of Pernese "feel". 
On the right an example of a handcrafted, painted glass set in lead of a what feels to me like it could be a Pernese fishing boat from Fort Sea Hold. It actually is a Dutch fishing vessel of old, but that doesn't really matter now, does it?
Dragonart and
Weyr related art
The room with Dragon- and Weyr related art will show you pictures of dragons, Weyrs and Weyr products, well at least what the curator thinks has a Pernese "feeling". Except for the wonderful dragons made by Bernard Pearson of Dreams and Dragons, the dragons depicted here are, of course, not Pernese dragons since that would be illegal. In this section you will also find pictures of various objects from Elrhan's own Dragon Art Collection .

Pernese Fauna


The room with Pernese Fauna will hold pictures of animals, large and small. However, pictures of Pernese animal life are usually very, very hard to come by... so, of course, you will find pictures of Terran animals here that were taken to Pern by the colonists, the famous dolphins among them, but maybe -- if you look closely -- a fire lizard will fly by...
Pernese Flora


The room with Pernese Flora will show pictures from the life of plants, mainly those that were brought to Pern by the colonists but if I do come across something that will capture the essence of some indigenous Pernese plant I will certainly be putting it up.

Hold related art


Hold related art deals with all Hold matters, from daily life to portraits of Lord Holders and their relatives.
The example on the right is a water color painting that, for me, illustrates how the entrance of a Hold on the Southern Continent could look like.


Everybody will have his or her own ideas according to the descriptions given in the books. These are pictures about which Master Archivist Elrhan, the curator of the Pern Museum & Archives, thinks they capture the spirit and atmosphere of Pernese landscapes as described in the Pern books.

People of Pern


If it can be made legal the curator would dearly exhibit some of the paintings by Robin Wood, if not we will have to do with pictures drawn by fans. Here you will find portraits at least of Elrhan himself, his relatives, and of some of his friends.



This site is owned and maintained by Elrhan, Master Archivist.
All references to worlds and characters based on Anne McCaffrey's fiction are copyright Anne McCaffrey 1967, 2000, all rights reserved, and used by permission of the author.