Christine Graham is a graphic design student at the University of Tennessee College of Art and Architecture (2009).  She has been doing digital art since high school after being introduced to it through a graphic design class.  Christine is skilled in a variety of digital art, logo design, vector graphics, 3D renders, and digital painting.  She has been a fan of Anne McCaffrey since her best friend introduced her to her works and she has been reading her books since then.  her favorite Pern book has always been the White Dragon.  She felt connected to Ruth and Jaxom because they were the oddballs of the Dragonriders and she looks at herself as a bit of an oddball.  No matter how many times people told Jaxom and his faithful Ruth couldn't do this or that because of who or what they are, they always managed to prove those naysayers wrong, which Christine found inspiring to mherown personal life.

I found Christine Graham's work on her Deviant Art pages through a tip by Micah Johnson and found these to be among the best renders of planet Pern I have ever seen. Above is the planet with her two moons and below there are four additional renders Christine graciousl sent me to show here. You can download the big picture as a wallpaper on Christine's Deviant Art page.

© Copyright by Christine Graham.

Pern - North

Pern - East

Pern - South

Pern - West


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