Welcome to the Pern Museum pages with official and authorized Pern art

Official Art consists of art used and made for bookcovers and other officially authorized art like the stuff made for the various endeavours to get Pern to the small and big screen, for computer, book and board games, for companion books like Robin Wood's The People of Pern and Jody Lynn Nye's The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, etc. The real cover art as it appeared on the published books can be found in the much larger Cover Art Gallery (sorry, that has yet to be opened).

You can use the links below to go to the different exhibit rooms with art. Not all will be open yet when we will go public with this great new feature of the Pern Museum & Archives but we are busily working away on many of the rooms and eventually all will be filled and opened.


Original cover art is shown here with no intention to violate the copyright, or any other right, of the original artist and in recompense we try to promote the artist and link back to his or her webpages and webshops if possible. Should anyone whose work is depicted on these Pern Museum Pages have any objection to seeing his works of art promoted here, a simple email will suffice to make your wishes known and we will act accordingly.