Linda Eicher is an American artist, born and raised in Southern California. She studied classical art and the fundamentals of sculpture in college, where she developed her love of portraiture. She has been represented in past years by several Southern California galleries and has been accepted into several statewide and local Cultural Museum art shows. She has greatly admired the writings of Anne McCaffrey for over 35 years and has been creating character portraits from some of Ms. McCaffrey’s beloved Pern Series of books for the past several years.

This is Linda Eicher's authorized portrait of Anne McCaffrey. Linda makes birthday portraits of Anne McCaffrey for the Anne McCaffrey discussion bulletin board A Meeting of Minds every year since she joined that wonderful community. This particular portrait, made for Anne's 2009 birthday, was purchased and authorized by the Dragonlady herself. There is a possibility that it will be used for a future bookplate.

© Copyright by Linda Eicher, all rights reserved.

Another portrait of Anne by Linda Eicher I consider to be authorized, too. Like the one above it's a portrait from the "Birthday Series" by the gifted Californian artist and it was used on the back cover of the 40 Years of Pern commemorative "album fanorum", the book with contributions by fans, friends and fellow authors presented to Anne on the anniversary of forty years of Pern at Eurocon 2007 in Copenhagen, where she was Guest of Honour.

© Copyright by Linda Eicher, all rights reserved.


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