Robin was born in November of 1953 and it is rumoured that she started teething on Prismacolor pencils almost at once. She drew pictures when she was supposed to be taking notes all through school but made it through anywaywith good grades. However, all she really wanted to do was draw. She went to her first Science Fiction convention in the spring of 1972. (It was a Detroit Triple Fanfair.) Being a poor college student at the time, she lacked money for little unumportant things like food or a room. She noticed that other people were selling bad pencil drawings of Mr. Spock, and were making enough money to live at the show. So I said to herself: "Self, I can do bad pencil drawings of Mr. Spock!" And so she did and before she knew it she was a Con Artist. Robin graduated from Michigan State University in 1976 with a degree in Special Education for the Visually Impaired, and started teaching in Kentucky that same year. Two years later she moved to Washington DC with the man she (eventually) married, and stopped teaching. By early 1983 she got her first professional commission; doing the character cards for the Mayfair game, Dragonriders of Pern. From there she started to do a lot of stuff for Mayfair, and in 1985 got her first Dragon magazine cover. At the same time she started to do book covers for Llewellyn Publishing. In 1987, the year that her marriage broke up, I she did the now famous picture of Masterharper Robinton and (with a lot of help from Annie) that blossomed into the book People of Pern. After that she did the Robin Wood Tarot Deck, and just kept busy doing things for TSR and Llewellyn, and the odd bit for a convention or a private collector until 1993, when she got the flu and couldn't seem to get over it. The problem was diagnosed as a little condition called fibromyalgia (were talking 1995), and as it got worse she gradually cut back on the art. Eventually finding that it was time to call it quits, she pack the studio away. She did all her artwork on the computer until early 2005, when she finally pushed the fibro into remission (using a combination of meditation, yoga, biofeedback, and singing). From then on she was drawing again, although mostly sketches and things later scanned into the computer to do more work on. Robin also has written some books while she couldn't paint, one about Ethics from a Wiccan/Pagan perspective, one about the Tarot deck she did, and worked on three about LightWave. She re-married in 1990 and currently lives in Westland, Michigan with two cats, two snakes and seven computers. You can visit Robin's wonderful and extensive website by clicking here.

These are the portraits Robin did for the boardgames (two editions) published by Mayfair games in alphabetical order. Many of these are relative minor characters and are not featured in The People of Pern book.

© Copyright by Robin Wood, all rights reserved 1985, 1988.

Andemon, Asgenar and Bargen


Bedella, Belesdan and Bendarek

Corman, D'ram and Fandarel

Fanna, F'lar and G'narish

Groghe, Idarolan and Larad

Laudey, Lessa and Lytol

Mardra, Merika and Meron

Nadira, Nessel and Nicat

Oldive, Oterel and Raid

R'mart, Robinton and Sangel

Sifer, Sograny and T'kul

T'ron, Vincet and Wansor

Warbret and Zurg

And closing this expostition something special: when prowling around Dragonhold (with permission of course) in search for book covers and book cover material I spotted the original for the F'lar card in Anne's workroom. I wonder where the other originals are. I have never seen one for sale and wouldn't be surprised if some ended up with friends of Anne and Robin.


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