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Bitra Bloodline

Members of the Bitran Bloodline have often been the black sheep of Pern (to state things mildly).  The Bloodline probably got off with a bad start, living in a Hold named after the infamous and even criminal astrogator and shuttle pilot Avril Bitra [AtWoP/2:43]. It is obvious that there must have been a faction on Pern - during the First Interval, in which Bitra was established - that thought that she [Avril Bitra] was a hero of Pern (maybe due to mis-information or information withheld ) instead of the space pirate she really was. While working on the Bloodline I thought there maybe was a very, very slight possibility that Bitra was really established by a descendant of Avril. When she was working on Big Island with Stev Kimmer and others they had taken in as apprentices, we know she had a relation with Stev (and maybe with others too). So there was a slight theoretical possibility of progeny by Avril... Unfortunately (?) this option was "vetoed" by Anne McCaffrey herself in a chat on The Kitchen Table Live, the chatroom on her own site The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey, late November 2000.
Members of the Bitran Bloodline are famous for their love of gambling while (playing dirty most of the time) At the same time, however, they are often not the brightest of people (just cunning and greedy). People can change though and/or behave, and the Lords Kinver and Vergerin, his son, are  probably examples of that.
The work of reference for the oldest generations of this Bloodline is, of course, Red Star Rising (The Second Chronicles of Pern), published in the United States as Dragonseye. For this Bloodline I used my Corgi mass market paperback first edition of 1997.

Genealogy or Bloodline

First Interval/Second Pass


N.N., Lord Holder of Bitra Hold, born probably Bitra Hold c. 175.
Married c. 195 N.N., Lady Holder of Bitra Hold, born probably c. 175.

Since it is written in Red Star Rising/Dragonseye that Bitra Hold was established in the First Interval (58-258), it might have been this Lord Holder, Lord Kinver's father, who established Bitra as a Hold. Looking at the possible Turn of birth though, it could also have been someone from the previous four generations (there are about three generations per century).

Children (known; because of the probable age difference there will have been several children between Kinver and Vergerin):
1 Kinver, born probably Bitra Hold c. 195, follows B-11.
2 Vergerin, born probably Bitra Hold c. 210, follows B-12.


Kinver of Bitra, Lord Holder of Bitra Hold , probably born Bitra Hold c. 195, died probably prior to 245.
Married c. 215 N.N., Lady Holder of Bitra Hold, probably born c. 195.

The records stated that Kinver was a capable and fair Lord Holder (even though he gambled too, but more importantly because he didn't cheat) [RSR/11:293].

Child (known):
1 Chalkin, born probably Bitra Hold c. 215, follows B-111.


Vergerin of Bitra, Lord Holder of Bitra Hold (confirmed 257, after impeachment of Chalkin), probably born Bitra Hold c. 210, died probably during the Second Pass.
Had a relationship (prior to 257) with N.N.
Probably married (probably early Second Pass) N.N.

It was rumored that Vergerin and Chalkin of Bitra had played a game, the stake being an uncontested succession to Bitra Hold [RSR/11:287-288] after which Chalkin gave Vergerin an isolated mountain hold in the back of beyond [RSR/1:59]. When Vergerin came out of hiding after the banishment of his nephew it turned out he had indeed lost  his rights to the succession in a wager with Lord Chalkin, but Vergerin said that Chalkin had cheated [RSR/13:305]. He was accused by Lord Chalkin and Lady Nadona for breaking his word, acting as a traitor and of setting up the whole impeachment process [RSR/13:306]. Vergerin accepted the position of provisional Lord Holder of Bitra and the assistance of a management team, consisting out of younger sons and daughters from every other Hold, until a final decision on the subject of succession was taken on the Turn's End conclave [RSR/13:309]. He was confirmed as Bitran Lord Holder at Turn's End 257 but was not abjured to train his young relatives (Chalkin's two sons) to succession. He was - in conscience - bound to see them well taken care of, educated and prepared to make their own living but it is unknown if either of them really succeeded in holding Bitra. He was relieved of his promise (to Chalkin) to have no legitimate heirs and promptly installed a nine year old son and a five year old daughter as heirs (nobody knew who their mother had been); which corroborates the belief that Chalkin's boys didn't inherit. Vergerin also made it clear he was interested in acquiring a suitable spouse to hold as his lady, so supposedly he was not married (although having more than one wife on Pern wasn't illegal, just not practiced often) [RSR/14:324].
The children mentioned below were both born prior to Vergerin becoming Lord Holder of Bitra.

Children (known):
1 N.N. (a son), born 247/248, probably the next Lord Holder of Bitra Hold (nine years old in 257).
2 N.N. (a daughter), born  251/252 (five years old in 257).


Chalkin of Bitra, Lord Holder of Bitra Hold (?-257), born probably Bitra Hold c. 215.
Married c. 245 Nadona of Nerat, Lady Holder of Bitra Hold, probably born Nerat Hold c. 220, died probably during the Second Pass; daughter of Lord Brenton of Nerat, Lord Holder of Nerat Hold and N.N., Lady Holder of Nerat Hold.

Chalkin had a jowly face with muddy brown, close-set eyes (with bags under them) that seemed to cross towards the bridge of his rather fleshy, bulbous nose (a family treat), scanty hair and a mole on his chin [RSR/5:136, 155; 16:389]. He was obviously a vain man, wearing many, jeweled rings on both hands. He "seemed to have more rings than days of the year" [RSR/5:155] (wearing rings seems something that Fax had in common with Chalkin and that Anne attributes to people with a bad character). His children were plump, indolent by nature, dressed in ill-fitting clothes, constantly eating, dirty and had long, greasy and roughly cut hair [RSR/5:145].
It was rumoured that Chalkin and his uncle Vergerin had played a game, the stake being an uncontested succession to Bitra Hold [RSR/11:287-288], which was won by Chalkin (who was later accused of cheating), who gave Vergerin an isolated mountain hold in the back of beyond [RSR/1:59].
At an emergency meeting held at Telgar Hold in the winter of 257 Lord Chalkin was formally impeached for dereliction of his duties and responsibilities to Benden Weyr, for the cruel and unusual punishment of innocent holders, for refusing to allow the Charter to be taught and for denying these rights to his holders without due reason [RSR/11:291]. Chalkin tried to bribe several Lord Holders at his arrest, to get out of his predicament [RSR/13:303]. He was taken to the island of his exile (not the same one his exiled guards were sent to) on bronze Craigath by Benden Weyrleader M'shall [RSR/13:308]. Chalkin was exiled to Island 32, one of the chain of southern islands to which Young Island belonged [RSR/13:311].

Lady Nadona was a half sister of Lord Franco of Nerat. She had very long finger nails which were dubbed "dragon-talon nails", a naturally florid complexion and pale eyes [RSR/5:143, 154]. She elected to stay behind after the exile of her husband. It turned out she was exceedingly well acquainted with her own rights as granted by the Charter, down to the Clause and relevant sub-paragraphs when confronted with the measures taken against her husband at his arrest, while the Holder couple had kept there holders ignorant of their rights [RSR/13:303].

1 Chaldon, born probably Bitra Hold c. 246, oldest child [RSR/5:144].
2 Luccha, born probably Bitra Hold c. 248, second child and oldest daughter. Her mouth was set aslant in her face and she had thin lips [RSR/5:146].
3 Lonada, born probably Bitra Hold c. 250, third child and youngest daughter. She had a pudding face, with small holes for eyes and her father's fleshy and bulbous nose [RSR/5:146].
4 Briskin, born probably Bitra Hold 253/254 (mentioned to be three years old in 257). A sturdy lad who talked very little and carried a stuffed toy (a dirty bear) with him from which he could not be parted [RSR/5:146-147].


Second Long Interval (Eight Interval)/Ninth Pass


Sifer of Bitra, Lord Holder of Bitra Hold (before 2490-after 2515),  born probably Bitra Hold c. 2450, owner of an unnamed firelizard, died during the Ninth Pass.
Married 1st probably c. 2470 N.N.
, Lady Holder of Bitra Hold, born c. 2450.
Married 2nd (?) probably shortly before 2515 N.N.
, Lady Holder of Bitra Hold, born c. 2487.

Lord Sifer of Bitra married at least two (but probably even more) times, since in Dragonquest we can read about his latest wife (who was half the age of Manora of Benden Weyr, who was about 55 Turns old at the time) [D2/1:13]. We must remember here that, as on old Terra, a relatively large number of women will have died during childbirth (especially with the rate some of the Lord Holders produced offspring). Lord Sifer himself was already Lord Holder of Bitra around 2490 (I assume he became Lord Holder at about the age of thirty Turns, around 2480). He is mentioned in The Masterharper of Pern only once, around the time that Larad was confirmed Lord Holder of Telgar at the tender age of 15 Turns around 2490 [MHoP]. He is still Lord Holder in 2515; the Turn in which Jaxom Impressed Ruth, to which Hatching day Lord Sifer also attended [D2].
Another indication of Lord Sifer's age is the fact that F'lar calls him "an old fool" in Dragonquest. It seems this could only be said of someone who is older than, for instance, Master Robinton. So Sifer's Turn of birth must be at least 2450 and maybe even earlier [D2/8:127].

Child (known); from the first marriage:
1 Sigomal, born probably Bitra Hold c. 2475, follows J-11.


Sigomal of Bitra, Lord Holder of Bitra Hold, born probably Bitra Hold c. 2475.
Married probably c. 2495 N.N., Lady Holder of Bitra Hold, born probably c. 2475.

Lord Sigomal was the second Lord of Bitra that was impeached and exiled.

Children (known):
1 N.N., a son, probably died young since Sousmal is brought forward as the interim Lord Holder after the impeachment of both his father and (probably older) brother Gomalsi.
2 Gomalsi, born probably Bitra Hold c. 2473. Gomalsi was exiled together with his father Lord Sifer for his part in the abduction of Masterharper Robinton and for acting as a ship's captain without the qualifications [AtWoP].
3 Sousmal, probably Lord Holder of Bitra Hold , born probably Bitra Hold c. 2500. Sousmal  is given as Lord Sifer's third son in All the Weyrs of Pern [AtWoP/18:389]. 

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