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South(ern) Boll Bloodline

At the start of her relationship with Pierre de Courci governor Emily Boll was already past childbearing age [DD/1:118]; so there was no issue out of her relationship with him. Although Pierre, who originally was a chef and head of the mass catering at Landing, and who established Boll Hold in Turn 17, was never (called a) Lord Holder, it seems altogether plausible to look at him as the progenitor of the Boll Bloodline, maybe through either children out of another relationship or - even more likely - through fosterlings (of whom there were very many without parents because of the fever years). Of course the possibility that the Boll Bloodline did not start with Pierre, his direct descendants or foster children, always exists. However, he deserves the place as first Lord Holder, even if the leaders of the few existing Holds during the First Pass were not called that in their time.
A subject of many discussions among Pern fans is the fact that Southern Boll Hold seems to exist prior to the founding of Ruatha. This is often seen as an inconsistency since Ruatha was, at some time, considered to be the next oldest Hold after Fort and is referred to as the next oldest Hold after Fort Hold in the early literature [Dragonriders of Pern trilogy]. 
In Dragonflight we can also read "Benden was, of a certainty, one of the oldest dragonweyrs, as Ruatha was one of the oldest Holds..." [D1/1(s6):64]. I tend to take that particular quote literally, especially the "one of" part. Besides that, in the available literature Boll is called a settlement at the time of the First Pass. It is  never called a Hold prior to the founding of Ruatha [CoP-FoRH]. Things are further set aright by the song young Robinton composed about the founding order of the Holds: "Fort was first, South Boll then. Ruatha came and Tillek, too. Benden next and north Telgar..." [MHoP]. But as far as I'm concerned, Fort can be the oldest Hold and Ruatha the next oldest Hold, meaning that these two settlements were the first that received that particular designation.

Genealogy or Bloodline

First Pass


Pierre de Courci, probably born c. 75 BL (which would make him about 60 years of age if he stayed all 15 years of the voyage in cold sleep), cook (chef) and administrator of the mass catering at Landing, founder of the Boll (later called South(ern) Boll) settlement (later called Hold), probably died during the First Pass (8-58).
Married Emily Boll, born Altair [CoP-RR/215] c. 75 BL, governor of First Centauri, co-leader of the Pern Expedition and the Pern colony together with Admiral Paul Benden, died probably Fort Hold 16 (the fever year). Widow of N.N., died probably on Altair, prior to the Pern Expedition.

Though in The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall Emily Boll is mentioned as "Governor Emily Boll of Altair" other sources clearly indicate she had been governor of First Centauri. I have therefore assumed that Emily originally came from, and was born on Altair and later became governor of First Centauri. Emily was a widow when she came to Pern. She came alone, and in Dragonsdawn it is written that none of her children, all adults, had wished to accompany her on her one-way journey [DD].
Pierre de Courci is probably of French descent or at least his ancestors originally came from France or another French speaking country or colony.
The relationship between Pierre and Emily, who was called Em for short, started five weeks after the first colonists landed on Pern. Emily and Pierre were "an unlikely combination, but that was half the pleasure of it" [DD/1:118]. Pierre was never actually Lord Holder of Pern because the term was not yet in use early in the First Pass. It seems obvious that there was no issue from the marriage between Pierre and Emily, who was past childbearing age [DD/1:118]. But because of the practice of fostering, a practice that was established relatively soon after the move north because of the fact that so many adults died in the fever year, I have assumed that Pierre did not only founded the settlement that would become South Boll, but that he also started fostering and adopting orphans, thus establishing the line of South(ern) Boll Lord Holders.
Concerning the Boll Bloodline we are also confronted with an inconsistency. Anne McCaffrey has Lessa remark in The Skies of Pern that "Emily Boll held those lands in her own right. I see it that the Holdership has come full circle and about time" [SoP/378], which, considering what was written before in especially The Ford of Red Hanrahan [CoP-FoRH], cannot be the case. This inconsistency could be reasoned away if we consider the fact that historical data about the early period after the move north will have been extremely sketchy since it seems reasonable to assume that not even Aivas would have been able to enlighten the later Pernese generations about that period. Aivas will have had access to data about Emily Boll and her relationship with Pierre de Courci however and might have deduced that, since the Hold was called Boll, she might have been its founder (which we know was not the case, it was only named after her). This theory might be considered strengthened by the fact that, when Lady Janissian is called in (after the voting) an heirloom diamond and ruby chevron pendant is mentioned that "was supposed to have been handed down from Emily Boll" [SoP/381]. If something like that is not entirely sure, the modern day Pernese cannot be sure about the earliest history of South(ern) Boll either. 


First Interval/Second Pass


Azury of Boll, born probably Southern Boll Hold between 200 and 220, Lord Holder of Southern Boll Hold, died probably Southern Boll Hold at the end of the Second Pass or during the beginning of the Second Interval.
Married N.N., Lady Holder of Southern Boll Hold, born probably c. 210, probably died Southern Boll sometime during the Second Pass.

Lord Azury's name is misprinted as Azurry in the Red Star Rising character list [RSR/character list]. The name of his spouse remains unknown, as are the names of his children. Not much information can be gleaned from the scanty references to his person in Red Star Rising/Dragonseye. If we would assume his wife's name is not mentioned because he is not married at the time, he would have probably been born around 238. For indefinable reasons, however, this seems not likely, so I have assumed (arbitrarily) that Lord Azury was a full grown, married man at the time of the end of the First Interval. This means he will probably have been born during the first two decades of the third century, which makes him between 38 and 58 Turns of age at the start of the Second Pass. This also means that he probably died during that Pass, although it's possible that he survived the Second Pass in case he was born nearer 220 than 200.
The fact that nothing in Lord Azury's name refers in any way to the names of either Pierre de Courci or Emily Boll is another indication that it was probably a fosterling who became Lord Holder of South(ern) Boll after Pierre de Courci retired from the management. 



Sixth Pass/Sixth Interval


Ratoshigan of Boll, born probably Southern Boll Hold between 1470 and 1490, Lord Holder of Southern Boll Hold, died probably Southern Boll Hold during the early decades of the Sixth Interval.
Married: N.N., Lady Holder of Southern Boll Hold, born probably c. 1490.

Lord Ratoshigan was a thin man with a long thin, bony face (pinched nostrils above a thin, pinch-lipped mouth and hard small eyes in dry sockets) and had an overbearing manner [Mor/4:59]. Masterhealer Capiam observed that "The Lord Holder looked considerably more unwell than the men dying in the infirmary beds" [Mor/4:59]. This leads me to believe that Lord Ratoshigan was rather well advanced in Turns at the outbreak of the Great Plague in 1541 and I subsequently would place his Turn of birth somewhere between 1470 and 1490. He probably survived the plague, since there is no indication in Moreta to assume he didn't, and must have died during the early decades of the Sixth Interval. 
The names of his wife, or wives, and his children are unknown and not mentioned in the existing Sixth Pass literature.



Second Long Interval (Eight Interval)/Ninth Pass


N.N., Lord Holder of Southern Boll Hold, probably born Southern Boll Hold c. 2423, probably died Southern Boll Hold c. 2490.
Married 1st probably c. 2453
N.N., Lady Holder of Southern Boll Hold, born c. 2430.
Married 2nd (or had an extra-marital relationship with)
N.N., possibly Lady Holder of Southern Boll Hold.
Children out of the first marriage (known):
1 Sangel, born probably Southern Boll Hold c. 2455, follows J-11.
2 N.N. (son or daughter), born probably Southern Boll Hold c. 2460, follows J-12.
3 N.N. (a daughter), born probably Southern Boll Hold c. 2460.
Since Warlow is mentioned as a son of Lord Sangel youngest sister there must have been at least one other (older) sister.
4 N.N. (a daughter), probably born Southern Boll Hold c. 2465, follows J-14.
Children out of the second marriage or relationship (known):
5 Hillegel, born probably Southern Boll Hold, died on the southern continent (probably somewhere in Southern Hold) prior to 2539 [SoP].
Hillegel went south, probably achieve a Hold of his own there, possibly under Toric, who remarks at the Telgar Council meeting of 2539: "He thought he'd go south (...) I heard he went down one of the rivers and never a word since" [SoP/379]. Since at the same meeting Masterharper Sebell says that it was the Harper Hall's duty to check for living, male relatives but that none were found except Vormital and Warlow, we must assume that Hillegel died prior to 2539 (Aivas Adjusted Turn 2553) [SoP].


Sangel of Boll, Lord Holder of Southern Boll Hold (prior to 2495-2539), born probably Southern Boll Hold c. 2455, died probably Southern Boll Hold during the last two decades of the Ninth Pass (certainly after 2539 (Aivas Adjusted Turn 2553)).
Married probably c. 2475 Marella, born c. 2455, Lady Holder of Southern Boll Hold [RoP/prologue:8-9], died probably Southern Boll Hold during the last two decades of the Ninth Pass.

Lord Sangel was already a grandfather when  Menolly entered the Harper Hall, where his granddaughter Pona was studying at the time (2515). Although this fact does not give too much information about Lord Sangel's age we can safely assume he was not a young man anymore. When we assume Pona was about fifteen Turns of age when she stayed at the Harper Hall, a marriage age of about twenty Turns is assumed, and if Pona's father or mother was one of the elder children, Sangel must have been born about 60 Turns prior to Menolly starting her studies at Harper Hall, which places his Turn of birth around 2455 and makes him about the same age as Masterharper Robinton.
In The Masterharper of Pern Lord Sangel is mentioned only once: he was one of the Lord Holders who was present at the Lord Holder's march to Nabol which took place after Fax had taken over Ruatha Hold in 2495 [MHoP]. This means he must have assumed his position as Lord Holder of Southern Boll prior to 2495 in which Turn he was about forty Turns old. This probably also means that his father died prior to 2495. When he was in his eightieth decade Lord Sangel started to deteriorate strongly and Lady Marella ran South(ern) Boll Hold from 2534 onwards, with Janissian acting as her steward [SoP/378]. In The Skies of Pern it is said that Lord Sangel's sons died in the plague (for which we will undoubtedly have to read: a plague, which would mean they died prior to the time of Aivas started dispensing his vast medical knowledge to the Healercraft) [SoP/379].
It seems unlikely that Pona was a daughter of Lord Sangel's heir and prospective Lord Holder, so I have one child as the next Lord Holder and another as either the mother or father of Pona. Although she was a granddaughter of Lord Sangel it is unknown if he was her maternal or paternal grandfather, so I had to take that into consideration, too.

Children (known, probably more sons who all died prior to 2539):
1 N.N., born probably South(ern) Boll c. 2477, follows J-111.
2 N.N., born c. 2480, follows J-112.


N.N. (son or daughter), born probably Southern Boll Hold c. 2460, died prior to 2539.
Married c. 2485 N.N.
Children (known):
1 N.N. (son or daughter), born probably Southern Boll Hold c. 2487, follows J-121.


N.N., born probably Southern Boll Hold c. 2465, Lord Sangel's youngest sister [SoP/379].
Married c. 2490 N.N., born c. 2460.
Children (known, probably more but if male they died prior to 2539):
1 Warlow, born c. 2492, follows J-141.


N.N. (son), probably born Southern Boll Hold c. 2477, possibly heir and prospective Lord Holder of Southern Boll Hold, died prior to 2539 (possibly of a plague).
Married c. 2505 N.N.
Children (known, probably more):
1 Janissian, Lady Holder of South Boll Hold (2539-?), born c. 2507 (after 2505 since she is younger than Lord Jaxom) [SoP]. 
It seems reasonable to assume that Janissian was still unmarried by the time she was invested as the new Lady Holder of Southern Boll Hold (even though she was about 32 Turns old at the time) since no marriage or husband is mentioned in The Skies of Pern.


N.N., born c. 2480, probably a daughter or a son who died of the plague.
Married c. 1500
N.N., born c. 2480.

The names of Pona's parents are unknown, but the fact that she is a granddaughter of Lord Sangel of Boll is clearly mentioned in Dragonsinger and is reason enough to include her and her parents into the Boll Bloodline [H2]. It is unknown whether Lord Sangel is Pona's maternal or paternal grandfather so she could be a child of either a son or daughter of Lord Sangel.

Children (known):
1 Pona, born c. 2500, student at the Harper Hall, was sent home in 2515. I have assumed that Pona was about the same age as Menolly.


N.N. (son or daughter), born probably Southern Boll Hold c. 2487.
Married c. 2500 N.N.
Children (known, probably more but not male):
1 Vormital, probably born c. 2502, a Holder somewhere in Southern Boll Hold, died after 2539 [SoP/379].
Vormital is mentioned to be a great-nephew of Lord Sangel. A great-nephew is the same as a grand-nephew and is a child of one's nephew or niece [SoP/379]. Lord Groghe of Fort Hold has heard Lord Sangel say that Vormital was a fool and "couldn't hold a cup without help". On top of that N'ton says that Vormital, when approached by the Weyr to help evacuate the vulnerable coast (of Southern Boll) because of the coming Flood, said that it was Sangel's problem, not his, which attitude made him an unlikely candidate for the Lord Holdership of Southern Boll [SoP/379].


Warlow, born c. 2492, a small farmholder (probably somewhere in Southern Boll Hold), died after 2539 [SoP/379].
Married c. 2515 N.N.

Warlow, mentioned as a son of Lord Sangel's youngest sister, was not seriously considered as a candidate for the Lord Holdership of Southern Boll Hold because he hadn't put himself forward to assume it, despite the fact that three of his sons were serving Lady Marella and the Hold in minor capacities. Beside that it might have been important that Warlow was the son of a sister of Lord Sangel and not a brother [SoP/379].

Children (known, correct order unknown, possibly also some daughters):
1 N.N. (son), born c. 2515, served Lady Marella in a minor capacity [SoP/379].
2 N.N. (son), born c. 2517, served Lady Marella in a minor capacity [SoP/379].
3 N.N. (son), born c. 2519, served Lady Marella in a minor capacity [SoP/379].
4 N.N. (son), born c. 2520 [SoP/379].
5 N.N. (son), born c. 2522 [SoP/379].

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