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Keroon Bloodline

Keroon Hold is obviously named after Captain Ezra Keroon, one of the leading colonists, the Pern Expedition's main astronomer and captain of the spaceship Bahrain, but it is certain he cannot have founded it since he was long dead when Keroon Hold must have been established. Though a certain year of death is not known for Ezra it seems he fell victim to the same fever that claimed the life of Emily Boll and subsequently must have passed away in 16 AL (the fever year). In The Ford of Red Hanrahan we can read: "When Ezra Keroon had been fretful with the fever that wracked him, Sean [Connell] had very willingly gone back to Landing on Carenath. Sean had returned - Sorka remarked - almost as soon as he'd left, to reassure the old captain that the AIVAS building, which Ezra has so carefully shielded with shuttle tiles against Garben's eruption, remained intact and unscathed. (...) However, the knowledge that the interface with the Yokohama was still intact had soothed the querulous Ezra and he'd gratefully subsided into a sleep from which he didn't wake: another victim of the undiagnosed fever." [CoP-FoRH/97].
The Keroon Bloodline is one of the few of which we know absolutely nothing for the period before the Second Long Interval/Ninth Pass since nothing is mentioned about Keroon's Lord Holders in the existing First, Second and Sixth Pass literature. The Bloodline subsequently starts with the oldest known Ninth Pass Lord Holder: Corman. It wasn't until the latest Pern publication (The Skies of Pern) that we came to know the name of his sixth son and successor, Kashman. The names of his wife, other eight sons (since it is a known fact that he had nine sons) and daughters remain unknown, as do the names of Lord Kashman's spouse and children.


Genealogy or Bloodline

First Pass
First Interval/Second Pass


Sixth Pass/Sixth Interval


Second Long Interval (Eight Interval)/Ninth Pass


Corman of Keroon, Lord Holder of Keroon Hold (c. 2501-2539), born probably Keroon Hold c. 2455, died prior to 2539.
Married c. 2490 N.N., Lady Holder of Keroon Hold, born c. 2470.

Most of the (male) members of Lord Corman's family had a big  nose. Masterharper Robinton considered this "the old man's signature" when he observed Lord Corman lecturing his sons at the wedding of Lord Asgenar of Lemos and Famira of Telgar at Telgar Hold [D2/10:180]. Lord Corman had nine sons [RoP/US92, UK116] but will have had daughters too. In the light of what I have written underneath, we may assume that Lord Corman became a Lord at rather a ripe age since Robinton already sees him as an old man at the wedding of Lord Asgenar and Lady Famira in 2515.
Corman became Lord Holder of Keroon not too long before the start of the Ninth Pass. In 2503 the steward at South Boll says to Denol that he and his family will be needed at Ruatha and (when Denol indicates he won't go there because the Hold is taken over by Fax) carries on, saying "But there's Keroon...". Denol replies: "Aye, and the new Lord's a fair Holder" [RoP/US:92]. This sounds creditable since Lord Corman is not mentioned in The Masterharper of Pern, which he would probably have been had he been Lord Holder of Keroon longer.
Since I had to, more or less, guess the age of Lord Corman, this latest data concerning the age of Kashman (published in The Skies of Pern) gives a reference point [SoP/378]. If we would compute Lord Corman's birth- and wedding date from Kashman's Turn of birth in the usual way, taking about two years per child, this would result in a much later Turn of birth for Lord Corman than I anticipated (in regard to the remarks of him being an old man). Thus I have chosen for the possibility of Corman marrying rather late, at about 45 Turns of age. I still counted one son per two Turns, which also leaves room for several daughters, but let the first son be born five Turns after the marriage (which is neede to arrive at a Turn of birth around 2505 for the sixth son).

Children (known):
1 N.N. (a son), born probably Keroon Hold c. 2495.
2 N.N. (a son), born probably Keroon Hold c. 2497.
3 N.N. (a son), born probably Keroon Hold c. 2499.
4 N.N. (a son), born probably Keroon Hold c. 2501.
5 N.N. (a son), born probably Keroon Hold c. 2503.
6 Kashman (sixth son), born probably Keroon Hold c. 2505, follows J-11.
7 N.N. (a son), born probably Keroon Hold c. 2507.
8 N.N. (a son), born probably Keroon Hold c. 2509.

N.N. (a son), born probably Keroon Hold c. 2511.


Kashman, Lord Holder of Keroon Hold (2539-?), born probably Keroon Hold c. 2505.
Married c. 2530 N.N., born c. 2510.

Kashman is Lord Corman's sixth son and was "not much past his thirtieth birthday" in 2539 [SoP/378]. A Turn of birth later than 2505 would seem likely if Kashman was not much past his thirtieth birthday but I felt I could not put it more forward than 2505 because that would have made him too much younger than Lord Jaxom, of whom is said he was happy not to be the youngest Lord Holder anymore after the investiture of Lady Janissian. I therefore chose c. 2505, which would make Kashman about 34 Turns of age at the time of the Council meeting at Telgar in 2539.
Old Lord Corman seemed to have passed his contentiousness on to him and Lord Kashman is vehemently against making Lady Janissian of Southern Boll Hold Lady Holder because she is a woman [SoP/378]. Lord Kashman took over the Lord Holdership of Keroon in 2539 (Aivas Adjusted Turn 2552). The names of his spouse and children are not known. 


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