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Lemos Bloodline


Genealogy or Bloodline

First Pass
Lemos Hold did not exist during the First Pass.
First Interval/Second Pass
Sixth Pass/Sixth Interval
Second Long Interval (Eight Interval)/Ninth Pass


Gedenase of Lemos, Lord Holder of Lemos Hold [RoP/prologue:1-3].
Married: N.N., Lady Holder of Lemos Hold.
Children (known):
1 Asgenar, follows J-11.


Asgenar of Lemos, Lord Holder of Lemos Hold (confirmed 2510 [D2/3:41]), born Lemos Hold c. 2485, owner of a brown fire lizard Rial [D2/16:313].
Married married Telgar Hold 12 fourth-month 2515: Famira of Telgar/Lemos, Lady Holder of Lemos Hold, born probably Telgar Hold c. 2488, owner of a green fire lizard.

Famira has long blond hair and blue eyes. Their marriage was ratified by the Conclave of Lord Holders. Asgenar and his brother-in-law Larad both have been fostered at Keroon Hold [D2/10:180-181].
This couple had several children; the older ones attending Ramoth's 35th hatching at Benden together with their parents [AtWoP/11:240].

Children (known):
1 ...

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