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Nabol Bloodline

Nabol Hold was named after Nabhi Nabol, one of the original shuttle pilots who, together with Bart Lemos, was later involved in the daring attempt to retrieve samples of live Thread - using the last operational shuttle - in exchange for a stakehold encompassing the whole of Big Island. Both pilots were killed during that venture. They were not the best examples of honorable and hard-working colonists but in later ages the memory of their more or less heroic deaths for the good cause will have prevailed over other, less well known facts, subsequently resulting in the fact of  Holds being named after them both.
Member's of the original Nabol Bloodline are not known, in fact there are none mentioned in any of the books, even those concerning the earlier Passes. Since Lord Meron originally was the man who was acting as Hold Steward for Lord Fax, I have considered him as the Second Nabol Bloodline. This is justified by the fact that, although only a grand-nephew, Meron's successor Deckter was of the same Blood as the unlamented Lord Meron himself.

Genealogy or Bloodline

First Pass
Nabol Hold did not exist in the First Pass.
First Interval/Second Pass
Sixth Pass/Sixth Interval
Second Long Interval (Eight Interval)/Ninth Pass
See for the earliest known Lord of Nabol in the Eight Interval (Second Long Interval): Fax of the High Reaches Bloodline.
What follows can be considered the Second Nabol Bloodline because we have to assume that Fax killed all the  members of the original Bloodline. Meron was not a blood relation of Fax but acted as his Hold Steward and took over the Hold after Fax was killed in 2505.



N.N., possibly a Holder or Craftsman in the Nabol or High Reaches area. 
Married: N.N.

To be able to give Lord Meron's grand-nephew Deckter his right place in the Bloodline it is necessary to introduce an older generation of which the member's names are unknown. 

Children (known):
1 N.N., born, c. 2445, follows J-11
2 Meron, born c. 2470, follows J-12. 


N.N., born c. 2445 (man or woman; if a man then probably a Holder or Craftsman in the Nabol area).
Married: N.N.

The person registered in this Bloodline as J-11 is either the grandfather or grandmother of the later Lord Holder Deckter. Inserting him or her into the Bloodline is necessary to be able to give Deckter his rightful place.

Out of this marriage (known):
1 N.N., born c. 2470, follows J-111.


Meron of Nabol, Warder and later Lord Holder of Nabol Hold (2505-2518), born c. 2470, died Nabol Hold 22 fifth-month 2518 (from a wasting disease, possibly a venereal disease).
Married (or was at least living with) prior to eleventh-month 2507 N.N., Lady Holder of Nabol Hold, she was one of the ladies taken hostage by F'lar when the Lord Holders, lead by the Lords Larad and Meron, marched on Benden Weyr on 12 eleventh-month 2507 [D1/2(s4):138].
Probably had more than one wife and/or several different extra marital relationships.
Had a relationship with: Kylara
, rider of gold Prideth (impressed 20 third-month 2508), junior weyrwoman at Benden Weyr, senior Weyrwoman at Southern Weyr and High Reaches Weyr (the last until the death of her dragon in the infamous “battle of the queens” between Prideth and Brekke's Wirenth on 13 fourth-month 2515).

Lord Meron's Turn of birth is based on guesswork. He must have been at least about thirty Turns of age to have acted as Hold Steward for Fax [D1/2(s4):135] at the time of his death in 2505, but also young enough to have daughters that were born between 2500 and c. 2515. This leads to an educated guess of a birth Turn around 2480, so that Meron was about thirty when Fax was killed, about 45 at the birth of his youngest daughter and about 48 when he died. Thus hypothesis also makes him about ten Turns older than Kylara (who must also have been born around 2480), which fits nicely.
In Dragondrums we can read that Lord Meron had "daughters (...) too young to be married, taking after their sire as they all seem to have the misfortune to do" and that there were "ten full-Blooded close male heirs" [H3/5:90]. This, however, does not have to mean that these males were Lord Meron's sons.
Lord Meron had a swarthy face with sharp features and restless eyes [D1/2(s4):137]. He was a devious person [D1/4(s2):221].


Children (known), mothers unknown:

1 Possibly Hittet. A fat man. If Hittet was a son he might be the oldest since he was the one that welcomed Masterharper Robinton and Master Oldive when they arrived at Nabol after the Gather and seems to have acted as spokesman for the heirs [H3/7:130-131, 138].
- Probably several (other) sons [H3].
- Several daughters [H3/5:90], which will all have been born after 2500 if they were too young to be married by the time their father died (as stated in Dragondrums) [H3/5:90].


N.N., born c. 2470 (man or woman; if a man then probably a Holder or Craftsman in the Nabol area).
Married: N.N.

This unknown man or woman was a full nephew or niece of Lord Meron and the father or mother of Meron's successor, his grand-nephew Deckter. It is likelier to assume that Deckter father was Lord Meron's nephew since, looking at Pernese society, it seems most likely that inheritance lines follow  the male lines within a Bloodline.

Out of this marriage (known):
1 Deckter of Nabol, born c. 2493, follows J-111.1.


Deckter of Nabol, Lord Holder of Nabol Hold (2518-?), born probably in the Nabol area c. 2493, formerly a carter in the Nabol area.
Married N.N., born probably in the Nabol area c. 2500.

The later Lord Deckter of Nabol was a grand-nephew (a son of a nephew or niece) of Lord Meron and the person the ordinary Nabolese preferred as heir [H3/7:129].

Children (known):
1 N.N. (son), his existence is only known because of the mentioning of "Nabol's second son" in The Dolphins of Pern [DoP/11:267]..
2 N.N. (son), this son is mentioned in The Dolphins of Pern as "Nabol's second son". He was one of the young Holder sons in whose ears Toric had been planting suggestions (about settling on the Southern Continent and not being satisfied with the way the lands there were given out) [DoP/11:267].

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