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Southern Hold Bloodline (Southern Continent)
and High Palisades Hold Bloodline (Ista Hold)


Genealogy or Bloodline

First Pass
Existence and/or Holders of High Palisades Hold unknown.
First Interval/Second Pass
Existence and/or Holders of High Palisades Hold unknown.
Sixth Pass/Sixth Interval
Existence and/or Holders of High Palisades Hold unknown.
Second Long Interval (Eight Interval)/Ninth Pass


N.N. of High Palisades, Holder of High Palisades Hold on Ista Island, born probably High Palisades Hold c. 2455, Master Fisherman [RoP/prologue:7-8], died probably High Palisades Hold 2515/2516 [RoP/3:63].
Married c. 2480: N.N., Lady Holder of High Palisades Hold, died after 2513 [RoP/3:63].

This couple had ten children, six of which went to Southern because they were asked to do so by their brother Toric. The parents both appear in a section of the prologue to The Renegades of Pern, but neither of them is named. When Hamian arrives at Southern after his education as Master Smith at Telgar in the North he tells Sharra he spoke to their mother, who who refused to go to Southern despite the fact her husband was dead for more than three Turns.
The order of the children after Brever, the oldest son, is unsure although it seems almost certain that Sharra must be the youngest as there will not have been a great age difference between her an Jaxom. It also seems safe to assume that those children who went to Southern were all younger than their brother Toric.

1 Brever, oldest son, stayed in High Palisades Hold [RoP/prologue:8], probably next Holder of High Palisades Hold.
2 Toric, born High Palisades Hold 2483/2484 [18 Turns old in 2502], follows J-12.
3 Kevelon, went to Southern [RoP/3:63].
4 Murda, went to Southern [RoP/3:63].
5 Hamian, went to Southern, Master Smith and miner,
Possibly married: Mechalla, a girl at Southern Hold [RoP/3:64].
6 N.N., went to Southern.
7 N.N., stayed in High Palisades Hold [RoP/prologue:8].

N.N., stayed in High Palisades Hold [RoP/ prologue:8].

9 N.N., stayed in High Palisades Hold [RoP/ prologue:8].
10 Sharra [Shar, Sharrie], born c. 2505, went to Southern, Lady Holder of Ruatha Hold.
Married: Jaxom of Ruatha, Lord Holder of Ruatha Hold, rider of white Ruth.
See for further descendants the High Reaches Bloodline (Jaxom).


Toric, Holder and later Lord Holder of Southern Hold [DoP/7:160], born High Palisades Hold 2483/2484 (18 Turns old in 2502) [RoP-US/8], on an island west of Ista.
Married: app. 2509 (prior to 2518 or the eleventh Turn of the Ninth Pass) Ramala, Lady Holder of Southern Hold, formerly a Healer or a worker at a Healer Hall at Nerat.

Toric was a candidate for Ramoth's first clutch but was not chosen, he went south with F'nor to establish Southern Weyr and stayed there [RoP-UK/3:63]. If Toric was a candidate in 2508, he must have been about 12 Turns of age at the time, although the prologue of The Renegades of Pern seems to indicate he is quite a few years older. Other sources indicate Toric being 18 Turns old at  Ramoth’s first Hatching in 2502 — at which he failed to Impress — and since that sounds much more reasonable I have assumed he must have been born in 2483 or 2484.

In 2508 he joins F’nor on the Southern venture, setting up the Weyr there, between times in 2498. Four Turns later (for those having lived between times in Southern) Southern Weyr is abandoned and Toric comes back to the present time with F’nor and T’bor. This adds four Turns to Toric’s age, who — though born in 2483/2484 — must subsequently have been about 26 Turns of age when he returned to Turn 2508. We later learn he went back to, or stayed on at (we must assume) "real time" Southern as a member of a group of people that stayed on there and who started Southern Hold.

In American Del Rey edition of The Renegades of Pern is written of Toric that he returned to Keroon after establishing his Hold. In the prologue of the same book however a section can be found about Toric and how he left his ancestral High Palisades Hold on Ista. I have taken the mention of Keroon as a typo [RoP-US/63].

Toric's spouse Ramala had been working in a Healer Hall at Nerat before coming to Southern [RoP/US68].

Toric and Ramala had four children [RoP-US/69], including several daughters [D3/428], all old enough to be "of use" during the visit to Numbweed Plain in 1519 (eleventh Turn of the Ninth Pass) [RoP/US69]. They had two sets of twins (one of them two boys and the other set about to be delivered in 2520 [RoP-US/167]. Since the oldest child (or children if the oldest two were twins) must have been born around 2511 there probably were more children born between the numbers 4 and 5. It is also said, in The Renegades of Pern, that Toric had a large family [RoP-US/167], but that could also refer to the number of his brothers and sisters. However, six children somehow seems to be a small number for a man as ambitious for his siblings and his children as Toric, so I have added several possible children where it seemed possible.

Children (known):
1 N.N., born Southern Hold c. 2510 (probably a daughter).
2 N.N., born Southern Hold c. 2512 (probably twin boy with 3).
3 N.N., born Southern Hold c. 2512 (probably twin boy with 2).
4 N.N., born Southern Hold c. 2514 (probably a daughter)
5 Probably N.N., born Southern Hold c. 2516 (probably a daughter)
6 Probably N.N., born Southern Hold c. 2518 (probably a daughter)
7 N.N. (twins), born Southern Hold 2520.
8 N.N. (twins), born Southern Hold 2520


N.N (Kevelon?)., born probably High Palisades Hold c. 2486.
Married c. 2510 N.N.

Tumara's father or mother was one of Sharra’s brothers or sisters (it is said she was a cousin of Sharra). In All the Weyrs of Pern we can read that Tumara "was delighted to leave the isolated fisher’s island off the Istan coast"; so her father can not have been Sharra’s oldest brother Brever, who stayed on at High Palisades Hold on the island of Ista itself [AtWoP/11:242].

Child (known):
1 Tumara, born on a fisher's island off the Istan coast c. 2512 (assuming she was about 14 Turns of age when she was a hatching candidate), she was a candidate for the queen egg in the 35th clutch of  Ramoth in 2526 (which produced the queen Amaranth, which was impressed by Breda) [AtWoP/11:242].

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