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Telgar Bloodline
(Andiyar Bloodline)

The Telgar Bloodline is one of the oldest and most prestigious on Pern. It has many illustrious members, like its founders Tarvi and Sallah Telgar (a major hero of Pern), the infamous Weyrwoman Kylara and the Lord Holders Tarathel and Larad, the last one the father of another dragonrider, one about which we don't know much (yet), A'ton. And of course, the Telgar line produced Master Harper (Master Composer) Petiron and thus, indirectly, Masterharper Robinton, which should make it one of Pern's most famous Bloodlines.

Genealogy or Bloodline

First Pass

Tarvi Andiyar, later called Telgar, born c. 60 BL, geologist and (highly trained) mining engineer, probably died c. 50 AL.
Married during Turn 1 Sallah Telgar (who was already pregnant of their first child), war pilot (before coming to Pern, though she just finished her training when the war ended and subsequently did not serve active duty), shuttle pilot, owner of three fire lizards, a gold and two bronzes (two me
ntas), died on board the Yokohama 23 fifth-month 9 (her body was interred at Telgar Hold over twenty-five centuries later, in Turn 2525).

Tarvi Andiyar occupied quarters C-8411 on the Yokohama. He was of Indic ancestry, from a family with generations of gurus and mahatmas. As a geologist and mining engineer he prospected on Earth and First Centauri. He had reached his sixth decade at the time of landing [DD/1:78]. His year of birth is put at around 60 BL but will, of course, have been earlier and subject to how many years Tarvi spent in deep sleep on board the Yokohama.
Sallah Telgar was a Charter Member of the Pern Colony and one of the twelve pilots of the Yokohama's three shuttle vehicles. At sixteen, with service compulsory at that point in the bitterly fought Nathi war, she had chosen pilot training.  She did not partake in the fighting because of the fact that the war ended when she had finished her training as a war pilot. As the only surviving dependant of serving officers, she spent her childhood being shunted from one Service post to another. She lost both her parents and war compensations permitted her to acquire a substantial number of stake acres on Pern. Her grandparents on her father's side were Alaskan. Sallah had four children by Tarvi Andiyar.
Tarvi, and his children with him, changed their family name from Andiyar to Telgar after the heroic death of Sallah.

1 Ram Da Andiyar (son), later called Ram Da Telgar, born 1.
2 Dena Andiyar (daughter), later called Dena Telgar, born c. 3.
3 Ben Andiyar (son), later called Ben Telgar, born c. 5.
4 Cara Andiyar (daughter), later called Cara Telgar, born 8.


First Interval/Second Pass
Descended from one of the children of Tarvi and Sallah:


Tashvi of Telgar, Lord Holder of Telgar Hold, born probably Telgar Hold during the First Interval (around 215), probably died early in the Second Interval.
Salda of Telgar, Lady Holder of Telgar Hold, born possibly in Telgar during the First Interval (around 215), probably died early in the Second Interval.

It is not completely sure if it is the Lord Holder or Lady Holder of Telgar who is a direct descendant of one of Tarvi Telgar's children. Since the name Salda resembles the name Sallah very much it is also possible that both had (some) Telgar blood flowing through their veins. One of them must be a direct descendant though, because in All the Weyrs of Pern Aivas assures Larad that he is a direct descendant of  Tarvi and Sallah Telgar. To this I immediately have to add that Aivas must have been guessing here (for once!). Because he could not have known the exact family relationship, since input stopped at 4 tenth-month 11, and he hadn’t yet scanned the Telgar Hold records (assuming that the genealogy was in them) when he made this statement; which is the main reason I have left open both lines of descant.
When reading Red Star Rising I perceive that both Lord and Lady Holder were vigorous and in the prime of their life, so I have arbitrarily assumed that both were in their early or mid-forties at the time, placing their Turns of birth about 215.



Sixth Pass/Sixth Interval

The Lord and Lady Holder(s) of Telgar from the Sixth Pass are unknown and not mentioned in Moreta or Nerilka's Story.
The Telgar Bloodline might have suffered heavy losses due to the plague of 1550. When Masterhealer Capiam visited the Hold on 9 third-month 1550, at the very beginning of the epidemic, there were already 22 people dead [Mor].


Second Long Interval (Eight Interval)/Ninth Pass
The creation of the first three generations of this section was necessary to have Petiron appear in the right place within the Telgar Bloodline; although the construction I have chosen is arbitrary and his Bloodline relation might be different than the one I have suggested. The "positions" within the genealogy of Petiron, his parents and grandparents, are based upon Petiron's Turn of birth, which I have deduced from several sources, and must have been around 2420.


N.N., Lord Holder of Telgar Hold, probably born Telgar Hold c. 2350.
Married c. 2375 N.N., Lady Holder of Telgar Hold, probably born c. 2355.

Children (known) out of this marriage:
1 N.N. (son), born c. 2380, follows J-11.
2 Possibly N.N. (son or daughter), born c. 2390, follows J-12.


N.N., Lord Holder of Telgar Hold, probably born Telgar Hold c. 2380.
Married c. 2405 N.N., Lady Holder of Telgar Hold, probably born c. 2385.

Children (known) out of this marriage:
1 N.N., born c. 2410, follows J-111.


Possibly N.N., born c. 2390.
Married c. 2415

The placing of Petiron's father (or mother) as a brother (or sister) to Lord Tarathel's grandfather is arbitrary and based on the fact that, in The Masterharper of Pern, it is stated that Petiron has Telgar Blood and on the fact that he was probably born around 2420. I have "created" as many generations as were necessary to come up with a plausible way to explain Petiron's Telgar Blood. The explanation I have come up with makes Petiron a cousin of Lord Tarathel's father. I have chosen not to have Petiron to come from a lateral line of the Telgar Bloodline because of a remark about Petiron's Telgar Blood when Robinton is about to marry Kasia: "Melongel didn’t [object]. He already knew of the Telgar Blood connection of Petiron, and the fact that Merelan was a Mastersinger of Pern–wide prestige made no bar to an espousal" [MHoP].
It is known that Petiron had four brothers, none of which he liked, and of whom only one is known by name [MHoP/1:24]. Of course, he might also have had sisters.

Children (known) out of this marriage (correct order unsure):
1 Petiron of Telgar/Harper Hall, born probably Telgar Hold c. 2420, follows J-121.
2 Forist, probably born Telgar Hold after c. 2420.
3 N.N., probably born Telgar Hold after c. 2420.
4 N.N., probably born Telgar Hold after c. 2420.
5 N.N., probably born Telgar Hold after c. 2420.


N.N., Lord Holder of Telgar Hold, probably born Telgar Hold c. 2410, probably died before c. 2460.
Married c. 2435
, Lady Holder of Telgar Hold, probably born c. 2415.
Children (known) out of this marriage:
1 Tarathel of Telgar, born probably Telgar Hold c. 2440, follows J-111.1
2 Probably several sisters. This is known because of a reference about Thella that mentions "her stepmother, sisters [meant are half-sisters] and aunts". Among these aunts there could also have been sisters of her mother, but since this paragraph is mostly about Telgar Bloodline related matters (and Thella's "rightful" place at the Hold) it is most likely that sisters of Tarathel were meant.


Petiron of Telgar/Harper Hall, born probably Telgar Hold c. 2420, Master Harper (composition), Master Composer, died Half Circle Sea Hold 1 eleventh-month 2514 (buried at sea 4 eleventh-month 2514).
Married probably Harper Hall or Fort Hold 2448 Merelan of Pierie Hold/Harper Hall, born Pierie Hold (more precise: Merelan was born at a hold near Pierie Hold which was probably under the jurisdiction of Pierie Hold) c. 2425, Mastersinger, died Harper Hall spring 2476; daughter of Roblyn of Pierie Hold and N.N.

Petiron came from Telgar Hold while still a young man, inclined to scholarship and therefore sponsored into the Harper Hall [MHoP/1:12, 22]. During his time at the Harper Hall it was said he was the best composer of the last two centuries [MHoP].
He met (and married) Merelan five Turns before their trip (with Robinton, who was not yet one Turn old at the time) to Pierie Hold, which trip therefore must have taken place in (early winter) 2453 [MHoP/1:12].
Petiron always studied and worked at the Harper Hall. Though he did visit other Holds often (mainly in connection with feasts and festivals) but he was never really posted while he was a Master (not counting the two times he stayed with Merelan at South Boll, in 2453 and 2467) before he himself requested the posting at Half Circle Sea Hold, in 2484, after his son Robinton had become Masterharper. From this we can deduce that he had been Hold Harper at Half Circle Seahold for 28 Turns, before his death in 2514.
Merelan was raised by an uncle and an aunt at Pierie Hold. When she was still a young girl, her parents died in one of the fierce autumnal storms that battered the western coastline [MHoP/1:17]. Her aunt Segoina (at Pierie Hold) gave her her first musical training [MHoP/1:17]. Merelan had had three miscarriages (in the early stages of pregnancy) prior to giving birth to Robinton in 2452 [MHoP/1:2] after which she and her husband were told that it would be very unwise to have more children.
Merelan was posted (at her own request and joined by her young son) at Benden Hold from late summer 2462 to summer 2463.

Child out of this marriage:
1 Robinton of Harper Hall, born Harper Hall tenth month 2452, follows J-121.1


Tarathel of Telgar, Lord Holder of Telgar Hold, born probably Telgar Hold c. 2440, died c. 2492.
Married 1st prior to 2476
N.N., died probably Telgar Hold c. 2476 (when giving birth to her only child Thella) [RoP/prologue:16].
Married 2nd prior to 2477 (within about two months after the death of his first spouse)
Fira, Lady Holder of Telgar Hold, born c. 2425, died after 2507 (she was still alive and acting as Lady Holder of Telgar Hold in the Turn Thella should have married Derabal).
Had one or more relationships with a number of unknown women.

Tarathel probably had several more daughters beside the ones that are known. In Dragonquest a reference is made to "the women of Telgar", who were present at the wedding of Lord Asgenar of Lemos and Larad's half-sister Famira [D2/10:180]. Although it is certain that Fira is Larad's mother [RoP/prologue:17] it is also certain that Larad and Kylara had other half-sisters than Thella, who was the only child out of Tarathel's first marriage. Therefore Lord Tarathel must have had one or more (extra-marital) relationships, out of which at least some daughters were born, Famira among them. It is not likely that he married a third time since his wife Fira is still alive long after his death.

Child out of the first marriage:
1 Thella of Telgar aka Lady Holdless, born c. 2476. Was supposed to have married the Telgar holder Derabal in 2507 but left Telgar Hold instead [RoP/prologue:15-17].
Thella was eleven months older than her half-brother Larad and was Lord Tarathel's first born child [RoP/prologue:16]. In The Masterharper of Pern it is said that there was a brief flurry at the confirmation of Larad as Telgar's Lord Holder because she challenged her brother's right to the Hold and insisted that the Conclave had to hear her right to the Holding. She was not admitted to the Conclave and Masterharper Robinton often wondered what happened to her. The reference to her disappearance shortly after Larad's confirmation [MHoP] can not be true since she did not leave the Hold until Larad tried to carry out the arrangement of her marriage to Derabal, which had already been planned and agreed upon by the deceased Lord Tarathel [RoP/prologue:15-17].
Children out of the second marriage:
2 Larad of Telgar, born Telgar Hold c. 2477, eleven months younger than his half-sister Thella, follows J-111.12.
3 Kylara, born probably Telgar Hold c. 2480, follows J-111.13.
Children (known) out of one or more other relationships of Lord Tarathel:
4 Famira of Telgar/Lemos, Lady Holder of Lemos Hold, born probably Telgar Hold c. 2488.
Married Telgar Hold 12 fourth-month 2515
Asgenar of Lemos, Lord Holder of Lemos Hold, born Lemos Hold c. 2485.
Famira has long blond hair and blue eyes. Asgenar and his brother-in-law Larad both have been fostered at the Hold of Lord Corman of Keroon. Their marriage was ratified by the Conclave of Lord Holders [D2/10:180-181].
5 N.N., probably born Telgar Hold.
Married (probably at Telgar Hold) 2512
Derabal, born Telgar area 2472/2473 (34 Turns old in 2507 [RoP/prologue:15]), a Telgar holder who originally was the intended husband of Thella of Telgar. He was described by Thella as "a niggardly, foul-mouthed, snaggle-toothed, senile old man"; she also remarked that he was "a minor holder, not even a Lord". In relation to this last remark her brother Larad remarks that Derabal "holds an impressive spread from river to mountain" [RoP/prologue:16].
This unnamed "younger half-sister" of Larad is said to be "a rather sweet and certainly biddable girl" [RoP/prologue:17].


Robinton of Harper Hall [Robie, Rob], born Harper Hall tenth month 2452, Journeyman Harper (2467-2477), Master Harper (2477-2484), Masterharper of Pern (2484-25..), died Landing 2529.
Married High Reaches Hold 1 tenth-month 2473 Kasia of Mardela Hold, born Mardela Hold early spring 2449 (2448?), died c. 1 fourth-month 2474; daughter of Bourdon, Holder of Mardela Hold, and Brashia, Lady Holder of Mardela Hold.
Had a relationship with Silvina of Harper Hall, born Harper Hall …., headwoman at Harper Hall, died after 2529; daughter of  N.N. (probably a harper) and Lorra, headwoman at Harper Hall.

Robinton had (at least) two other relationships which, however, had more the character of an affair. First with Sitta of High Reaches Hold, and second (after Kasia's death) with Laela, a healer’s assistant in South Boll (eastern coastal area). From the book The Masterharper of Pern one can deduce that he had many short-term relationships in later Turns.
Kasia tragically lost her first fiancé, Merdine of Greystones Hold. Merdine was killed in a storm at sea off Nerat coast, half a month before their espousal. The fact that Merdine came from Greystones Hold is not mentioned in the book The Masterharper of Pern itself, but only in the accompanying Who’s who, in which he is wrongly mentioned as Kasia's first spouse [MHoP/who’s who:418].

Child out of the relationship with Silvina:
1 Camo of Harper Hall, born Harper Hall winter 2487 (retarded).


Larad of Telgar [Lar], Lord Holder of Telgar Hold, born Telgar Hold c. 2477 (15 Turns old when confirmed as Lord Holder c. 2492), owner of a green fire lizard [D2/16:312].
Married about mid 2507 Dulsay, Lady Holder of Telgar Hold [RoP/172; dated 12th Turn 9th Pass=2519], died prior to 2524.
Married 2nd Jissamy [AtWoP/160; dated 17th Turn 9th Pass-2524], Lady Holder of Telgar Hold, born c. 2480.

Larad is eleven months younger than his half-sister Thella [RoP/prologue:16]. At the death of his father (c. 2492, but definitely prior to 2494) he was confirmed as Lord Holder. He was 15 Turns old at the time [MHoP].
Dulsay was "a quiet and brave little person", and one of the few ladies that "neither wept nor fainted" when they had been taken hostage by the Benden dragonriders and shown to their Lords (who were massing at the entrance to Benden Weyr) from the backs of flying dragons. Larad must have married Dulsay not long before he joined the march to Benden Weyr in eleventh-month 2507. When confronted with the fact that his Lady was taken hostage we can read in Dragonflight: "She was a new wife to him and much beloved" [D1/138]. This could imply that he had been married before but it is not likely. He had several sons at least [AtWoP/161].
Larad and his wife (Jissamy; though she is not mentioned by name) and the older children attended the Hatching 35th clutch by the Benden queen Ramoth in 2526 [AtWoP/11:240].

Children out of the marriage with Dulsay (known):
1 Laradian, born Telgar Hold [AtWoP/346].
2 N.N. (son). In The Renegades of Pern A'ton is called Lord Larad's third son [RoP/UK172].
3 A’ton, third son of Lord Larad by Dulsay. If he's a dragonrider (weyrling) in 2519 [RoP/UK172], he must be born prior to at least 2507.
4 Bonna, probably born Telgar Hold, artist [AtWoP].


Kylara, rider of gold Prideth (impressed 20 third-month 2508), junior weyrwoman at Benden Weyr, senior Weyrwoman at Southern Weyr and High Reaches Weyr (the last until the death of her dragon in the infamous "battle of the queens" between Prideth and Brekke's Wirenth on 13 fourth-month 2515).
Many different relationships, among them relationships with:
'bor, rider of bronze Orth, wingleader at Benden Weyr and later Weyrleader of Southern Weyr and High Reaches Weyr.
Meron of Nabol, Lord Holder of Nabol Hold (no issue).

Kylara was Lord Larad of Telgar's only full-blood sister and thus a Telgar of the Blood [D2/62]. She had five children, some of them possibly fathered by T'bor [D2/63, 66, 70]. In Dragonquest her mother (Lady Fira) is described (by Kylara) as "a woman too early used and cast aside by Lord Telgar", which can't have been true though and which will probably have been Kylara's own, biased opinion. Kylara had "the amorous tendencies of a green dragon", she was one of the ten candidates from the same Search (2505) on which Lessa was discovered [D1/154].
A marriage to
Brant of Igen was arranged for her originally, but did not took place because of the fact she was Searched [D1].

Children (unknown out of which relationships, though it is certain she had no children by Lord Meron):
1 T'kil, born Benden Weyr first-month 2508; probably fathered by T'bor. It is typical for the, often obnoxious Kylara to try and give her son the dragonrider's honorific many Turns before the boy would be able to stand on the Hatching Ground. Benden Weyrleader F'lar observed that the name T'lar would have been confusing and says that T'kil "still indicates sire as well as dam" [D1/154-155]. The name is probably pronounced as T'keel (so the second half sounds like the first syllable of his mother’s name).
2 N.N.
3 N.N.
4 N.N.
5 N.N.

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