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Assorted cats, dogs and humans
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Pumpkin, one of the Maine Coons who receives and entertains hayumans at Dragonhold :) Pumpkin is the cat who drinks from the tap and is the most friendly to visiting fans.
This is Sylkie, Anne's Weimaraner and an absolutely lovely dog. As you can deduce from the pictures below he (and Maya) are not exactly great listeners but then... we were only passing fans, weren't we? Thanks to Cheryl for taking these "pics with a story". Easily the most famous cat of all at Dragonhold...
Echo, the typing cat.

Yes I know, Alec's pictures are better but Echo wasn't exactly cooperative.

  I adore this nice and gentle dog and sometimes he adores me (it seems)
You want to know more about Weimaraner dogs?
Click here.
And here is Pumpkin again, drinking from the tap in the kitchen at Dragonhold. The only thing left to learn for her is turning on the tap... (if dinner was fish she'll clean the sink too <grin>)
As not to overburden anyone's system or computer below this point you will find thumbnails of pictures. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to a larger version of the same picture that will open in a new window. To return here you just close that window. Some of Alec's menage here. Above left Kittymon sleeping (well, eyes closed at least) on the couch. Above right puppy Zeph (short for Zephyr), the latest addition.
Cheryl, though warned by Anne herself, trying to coax the famous Echo to come and taste her hand. He seemed to like Cheryl...
...but was wet from being outside (silly cat) and even "mum" Anne had a hard time to give the wet cat a dry belly :)
I really can't help it that Cheryl, or part of Cheryl, is in almost every pic with an animal in it... Here she is holding Alec's Kittymon. I thought a close up of Cheryl golden watch was a good idea, but a cat was in the way. So a close up portrait of Kittymon instead.
Zeph is a scrawny little puppy. I did ask Alec what Zeph's "brand name" was and he told me... but erm...
Yes, the legs belong to...
When we walked around Dragon-hold's garden, we found Pumpkin and Thomasina looking at us. Good thing they didn't have a camera :)
This is Maya, one of the two dogs of Anto, a homeopath, horse lover and dear friend of Anne, who lives at Dragonhold, too. And this is her other, more senior dog, called Fly. Fly is a quiet and thoughtful dog, nice and dignified which you can see I think.

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