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Dragonseye: great people, fantastic house, fabulous view!
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Dragonseye - front.
Dragonseye, side.
Alec and me on hallowed ground... Alec's office. Yes, folks, that is where the website was conceived, designed, being administrated and maintained. This is where all those mails arrive everyday...
As you can see even when this pic was taken we were totally enthralled by WoAM.
Here's the front of Dragonseye with a really nice porch and beautiful balustrade. Immediately to the right of the front door is Alec's office Turned around the corner and looking at the living room (and kitchen area) which is simply stunning with its huge glass wall.
Isn't it a fantastic view? Who would not want a view like this at Dragonhold stables and the Irish countryside right from his living room window? View from Dragonseye.  Alec's Office. Picture courtesy and (c) by Cheryl Miller, 2002.
Dragonseye, logo. One of the pictures below (click on the thumbnails) will give you the view to the other side in which you can even see the sea :-)
Home is where
the heart is
As not to overburden anyone's system or computer below this point you will find thumbnails of pictures. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to a larger version of the same picture that will open in a new window. To return here you just close that window. The pictures below illustrate our walk from Dragonhold to Dragonseye while looking around.
Leaving Dragonhold, looking for unexpected traffic :) and at the lush, green surroundings in which the horses feel so much at home.
Anneli and Cheryl "hiking up the hill" from "the hold" to visit Alec at Dragonseye. The climb is not steep but city dwellers do feel their legs :)
Halfway up and looking back, if you take a good look you will discern the roof of Dragonshold in the "green sea". Almost at Dragonseye I turned round again and zoomed in on the fabulous view at the Irish sea in the distance.
The entrance of Dragonseye and the peculiar temporary gate Alec has installed and which is constructed of empty oil drums :-) Through the "gate" and looking at the ample parking space Alec and his family have there. The garden here still needs a lot of work.
Lastly two pictures I have already put up above. However, I want to give you the chance to see them in a larger format by clicking on these thumbnails because both the surrounding area and Dragonseye are simply beautiful. The house is unique and built to specification.

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