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October 2000

Hectic times at work prevented me from working on the actual site in the period August-October. Behind the screens though, work continued. I am working on a complete overhaul of my site. It will probably also appear under another name in the future (with its own domain): The Pern Museum & Archives (The Pern Museum for short). Work on the encyclopedia was also continued but nothing of the new data has been added yet. On top of that Alec Johnson, son of the Dragonlady herself, opened a fantastic new website with a bulletin board and... a Live Chat (the Kitchen Table and the Kitchen Table Live) and they are very addictive, slurping up much of my free time :)

July 2000

July 10, one Turn on the Internet... and boy did I have a marvelous time! The day was made special by my promotion into the ranks of the Master Archivists, which now numbers two :-)
Read more about my mastery and the exploits of my friends (in springing this wonderful surprise on me) and my peers on the special Master Archivist page.

May 2000

OK, long time, no s... serious work on the website; well not that you have been able to see! But I kept busy, honest! And to prove that concept versions of almost all the Bloodlines are up!!
Yes, check out the Bitra, Boll, Crom, Fort, High Reaches, Igen, Ista, Keroon, Lemos, Nabol, Nerat, Southern, Telgar and Tillek Bloodlines! I still have to do a lot of work on most of them but you may expect some reasonably accurate genealogies. And, of course, I didn't put them up for nothing; I'd appreciate any comments, corrections and or suggestions for additions you are able to make - very much in fact.
I'm still working on my notes on Dragonflight in the meantime and those will be incorporated in the PE when they (and I) are ready.
Just one other addition there is, but it is a major one: an index to Todd McCaffrey's Dragonholder. There are in fact three of them on the same page, one on names of persons (real and fictional), one on geographical names and one that deals with various thing. Check it out.


January 2000

A new year with hopefully many additions to this site. No new Millennium yet! (I am one of those that thinks - rightfully - that the new Millennium starts on January 1, 2001). A happy new year to all Pern fans and keep those comments and suggestions coming!


October 1999

There are a few things I'll have to explain because everybody who visits my site must have visited, or rather: must also be a regular visitor, of Sariel's Guide to Pern.
In secret I have been planning to promote Sariel (aka Cheryl in real life) to Master Archivist when her site would be one Turn old. I could have just mailed her to say that she merits that particular title on the basis of her work but I had already done that long ago and I thought I had to do something that would make Sariel appreciate bestowing the title on her even more that, at the same time, would help her accept the fact of her promotion (basically she's a modest person). So I wrote to a number of our peers that I have met, mainly through Alt.Fan.Pern, setting the rule that I needed a majority to make Sariel Master Archivist, otherwise the whole secret scheme would be off. To make a long story short: the majority of the peers were in favor of my proposal and within a week I had the needed majority. I had also written to Anne McCaffrey herself (yes, I am audacious, but only on behalf of somebody else). I didn't receive an answer however. I also wrote to Todd McCaffrey (who naturally - and wisely - referred the question to his sister Gigi. So I called in the help of Coelura, who is known be in contact with the Dragonlady herself and asked her if she could aid the good cause. She consented and wrote to Anne, who answered that, if Sariel's site was as good as Becky (and I) had told, she should be known as Master Archivist and that no copyright infringements would hinder such a promotion (I had been afraid of something like that being the reason for not receiving a response). So on October 12 we sent Sariel the "surprise package" concerning her promotion to Master Archivist. A well deserved promotion! That's the story in a nutshell, which I wanted to tell because Sariel's site news and page about her mastery, makes me look a very sneaky guy :) (which I am but I won't have to admit to that publicly without giving you the reason why I was sneaky in this case). Oh, shards. Now I have to go and change all the references to Journeywoman Sariel on my own site! (But I'll do it gladly).

Concerning my own site: I have been rather busy the last few months with other business than the Pernese. I did manage to put up the first page of the Maledicta, oaths, sayings and proverbs etc. section and (because I felt guilty about not putting more data into the encyclopedia - I did take notes but those are not ready yet to put in) I put in what I call my "cold" notes on the first five chapters of Dolphins of Pern. These mainly concern names of persons and places and their locations.
There is news on the Bloodline section too. I managed to put up the first draft of the Benden family-Fort Lord Holder Bloodline or genealogy. Check it out and let me know what you think.
I also wanted to thank all of you who took the effort to send me additional data, things I overlooked, corrections, remarks and generally a lot of compliments (thank you!). For information received I especially want to thank: Elysia Dial, Jen Reinhardt, Hartley Patterson (who took up the Dragon Demographics gauntlet in his usual professional way and came up with a marvelous new page on this topic: go see!) and Jamae/Dragoncharmed. I also want to thank Del Rey publishers for putting the link to my site on theirs in such a prominent place (thanks Peggy).