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September 2001

I have made a new index page because the first one was very nice but too slow (alas). I have also added pictures and links to the Dragonart section of the Art Gallery, in which you can now see pictures from dragons from my own collection. Have been very busy with other things, like making plans for the new Casting Polls on The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey website for which Anneli Conroy and I will do the honors. The Fan Fiction Forum on that site has become active, so be sure to go and check it out (there's a link to it on the new index page). For the Pern Encyclopedia I am taking detailed notes from Skies of Pern at the moment.

Augustus 2001

The new site, The Pern Museum & Archives (formerly known as Elrhan's Pern Site) is up and running! (and I'm off on vacation :-) The Museum has not opened his doors yet, I am working on it. Probably first to open will be the exhibit on the Pern Charter.

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