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The Library of the Pern Museum holds many different hides, books and records for you to investigate or peruse at your leisure. Some departments may be under construction but you might want to try if the hyperlink works anyway because it could be possible that you are allowed to snoop around while the curator is still setting up the room.
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To the Pern Encyclopedia

The most important feature of the Library is the extensive Pern Encyclopedia, which will eventually cover everything Pernese and also Pern related Terran subjects. The PE is accessible from the Library as well as from the Archives.
Go to the dept. of Pern Books and Publications The department of  Pern Books and Publications will offer you not only a list of Pern books  but also lists of Pern related works by authors other than Anne McCaffrey and those of Pern Books which are translated in other languages. It also offers links to sites with cover art.

Go to Elrhan's Library

Elrhan's Library provides lists of Pern books and related works he owns. You might want to consult this department if you want to know to which books and editions the references in the Pern Encyclopedia point.
Go to the dept. of Other Pern Resources The section on Other Pern Resources holds all miscellaneous things that won't fit in the other sections. It is certainly worth visiting though! 

Go to the dept. of Pern Poetry The Pern Poetry section is not a collection of the poems found in the Pern Books. It does provide background information on both McCaffrey poems and Pernese ballads and saga's whenever possible and gives the text when legally permissible.

What about a dragon's sex life?

Question: Do dragons ever mate for pleasure like humans? Outside of being proddy (in mating heat)....(This is sorta what I was trying to ask before, but wasn't sure how to ask.)

Anne McCaffrey's answer: Dragons don't do it for anything but procreation. That's the way they are built sexually - as mares, coming into season while the stallion is almost always ready! They can get quite smarmy with each other if they are long term weyrmates, like Mnementh and Ramoth, having good neck wraps and nibbling itchy places on each other but once the fires are out, they're out.

Detailed Interview about Pern
by Shirley Hagstrom (1993)

"Go to the dept. of Pern Quotes"

The Pern Quotes section is divided into subsections with quotes about Dragon and Threadfighting, Weyr Life and Hold Life. In addition you will find a section on General Quotes from the Pern books.

Go to the dept. of indexes

The section with indexes currently holds an index on Dragonholder, Anne's biography written by her son Todd. 


 Go to the dept. of Pern Book Covers The section on Book Covers speaks for itself. It holds pictures of covers of Pern Books and stories. Only thumbnails, mind you, because for the most extensive collection and bigger pictures you will have to visit the site of my French friend François Labarbarie.
Go to the dept. of Dutch Book Covers I finally put some Dutch content on my site. This section holds not only pictures of the Pern books that are (or were) translated into the Dutch language, it also gives you more information on those books.

Go to the Pern Bloodlines

If you're looking for the Bloodline (genealogy) Section of the Pern Museum & Archives click on the Bloodline icon on the left.  

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If you're looking for the Pern Museum click on the icon on the left.   

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