These are the nine main exhibit halls of The Pern Museum. Mouse over the posters and click to go to the room of your choice


The Pern Museum Art Gallery
This hall will offer you samples of many different kinds of Pern inspired art: paintings, drawings, sculpture, digital art, embroidery and needlework, by fans as well as by professionals, all will be represented.

The Colonist Room
An exhibition room dedicated to everything about the colonists of Pern. From the history that led up to their colonising expedition to the first eight years on Pern, including te history of the first dragonriders.

The Crafts Room
The Crafts Room will show the skills of the various Pernese Crafts by exhibiting some of their products. From high tech to low tech to high tech again.

The Dragon Room
The Dragon Room holds stuff relating to dragons and their 'ancestors' the fire lizards. It contains scientific exhibits as well as dragon art.

The Flora & Fauna Room
The Flora & Fauna
room will show you some of the plant and animal wildlife of Pern, from exotic flowers to common fruit and from mentasynth enhanced dolphins to tunnel snakes.

The Holds Room
The Holds room is dedicated to the architecture and history of the Pernese Holds.

The Maps & Charts Room
This exhibit will show maps from the books, from fandom, special maps and 3D objects in the form of globes.

The Pern Charter Room
This room is dedicated to the Pern Charter, its content, importance and implications.

The Space Room
In the Space Room the visitor will learn and see more of the journey to Pern, the spaceships and of Pern's universe.