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In May 2002 I traveled to Ireland where I was to meet my friends Anneli and Cheryl. Some time earlier we had made plans to visit our favourite author Anne McCaffrey and her son Alec (at that time her business manager and webmaster) who had graciously invited us to Dragonhold.

To make a long story short, we did expect to have a good time, seeing as this was a wish come true for all three of us, but the McCaffrey's and their friends easily made "a good time" into such a special occasion that it will be an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

To share some of this with you I've put the pictures of my trip to Ireland into seven chapters and have thrown in an extra eigth chapter with some pictures taken of my American friend and fellow Pern fan Cheryll Miller's visit to me in The Netherlands, the country I was born and live in.


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Chapter One

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In which I see my good friend and fellow Pern fan Anneli again and finally get to meet my long time Pern Pen Pal and senior Master Archivist Sariel, better known as Cheryl, in person for the first time (yes, I was nervous).

Added are some pictures taken from the airplane and taken from the train from Dublin to Bray, in beautiful County Wicklow.


Chapter Two

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Anne, Alec and me at the real Kitchen Table. Some of these pictures I was ordered to make (by myself, my relatives and my friends) if only to prove it all really happened.

Will you believe I was (obviously) so Impressed (I just love that word) with Anne Anne and Dragonhold that I virtually forgot to photograph anybody else...

Anne receiving gifts.

Chapter Three

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Dragonhold, the most beautiful house you've ever seen. Dragonhold-Underhill... the most beautiful house indeed with a great garden and placed in one of the most gorgeous Irish settings imaginable.

But what makes this house even more special is the hospitality and kindness of the people who live and work in it.

Anneli and Cheryl in front of Dragonhold.

Chapter Four

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Dragonseye, great people, fantastic house, fabulous view! Alec seems fond of saying: "My mother's house is more beautiful but mine has the better view..."

Despite Alec's house being special and beautiful, too, I'm inclined to agree with him. His house stands a little higher on the hill which provides a spectacular view indeed. There's was still work to do though...

Part of the view from Dragonseye.

Chapter Five

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Assorted cats, dogs and humans. Visiting Dragonhold and Dragonseye you can not avoid meeting the many cats, dogs and horses there.
It seems they easily manage to outnumber the human inhabitants.
Echo is not the only one with a peculiar habit (walking over Anne's keyboard). Will you believe Pumpkin drinks from the tap? And cute Weimaraner Silkie doesn't always listen... Go have a look!
Look at the camera boy...

Chapter Six

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Dragonhold Stables and cottages. A visit to Dragonhold and Anne would not be complete without having had a peek at Dragonhold Stables of which Anne is so proud (and rightfully so).

The cottages and stables are situated between Dragonhold and Dragonseye and are impressive indeed.

Stonewall Cottage seen from Dragonseye.

Chapter Seven

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Is this a Weyr? No, this is County Wicklow! It is not hard to believe that Anne has been and is inspired by the beautiful Irish countryside for many a tale, be it Pernese or not.

Driving around one moment you think yourself on Pern, the other moment you think you're walking onto a stage set for Anne's novel The Lady.

Spectacular vista at Sally Gap.

Chapter Eight

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Cheryl's visit to The Netherlands. Soon after our adventure in Ireland Cheryl directed her big, metal, kerosine-drinking dragon towards The Netherlands.

She stayed not nearly long enough but fortunately I'm under the impression she liked her visit very much, so who knows... she might return someday, and if not...

Windmill at Rotterdam-Delfshaven.

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